Since its start in early 2010 the systemd project — the system and service manager — has become a core component of modern Linux systems. systemd is the default init system on every major distribution and has been pushed forward by more than 600 contributors.

Last year the first gathering dedicated to the project was held in the heart of Berlin's Kreuzberg district. Approximately 100 community members gathered for 2 days of talks and a 1-day hackfest. The feedback was clear that we should do it again, and preferably keep it in Berlin.

systemd.conf 2016 is looking to build on the success of last year's event while keeping the same friendly, relaxed atmosphere. To that end, we'll be in the same venue and are accommodating a slightly larger crowd. We've also added an additional workshop day to the schedule for some hands-on sessions.

The systemd.conf team looks forward to seeing you there.

Tickets are now available and presentation and workshop proposals are being accepted.


Day 1: Workshops

(Sept. 28th)

Get a full day of systemd training with hands-on sessions conducted by some of the people who know systemd best.

Day 2 & 3: Presentations

(Sept. 29-30th)

Join key figures of the systemd developer and user communities in presenting and discussing where the project has been and where it's going.

Day 4: Hackfest

(Oct. 1st)

This is the day where teams gather to start making the ideas discussed in the previous days a reality.


Videos from systemd.conf 2015